World of Kings Advanced Gold Farm Tactics Guide

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I go over some advanced tactics for gaining high amounts of gold in world of kings.

Use this among us hack to vent as crewmate. This tutorial will teach you how to hack among us on all ios and android powered devices. Watch it now.

Today I am releasing a video showing you the updated among us mod menu that now has three new fake imposter, wall hack and flipping map. In my video I show all features of this app, how to download and enable trickier hack options. Stay around for the full video to not miss anything important. If after the video you still feel like I missed anything or want to ask a question – feel free to leave a comment down below and I will answer you.

Text summary of among us crewmate vent hack

Starting with the features, this updated mod version has all skins, hats and pets pre-unlocked for free. You do not need to enable any features in the app itself. Speed hack, maximum light options are available just like in the older versions. Now you are able to bypass the character limit in your nickname and make your name as long as you want (username changer). Color, pet, hat and skin cycler changes everyone’s in the lobby appearance (no host required). Wall hack has been added, now teleport and follow features work on mobile devices, no pc required.

Animation faking allows you to clear yourself even when you are an imposter. Fake crewmate let’s you do tasks like med scans to clear yourself too. Maximum players in the lobby options allows you to change the maximum amount of people in your lobby up top 255.

Fake imposter gives you the ability to kill, sabotage and vent as a crewmate.

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