The Amazing Remote Hack Together We Boom Beach Episode 9

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Continuing the Boom Beach web series! Following all of my operation attacks for September 4, 2020. All attacks will be on a mixture of Boom Beach Operations with a variety of statue boosts and there are a few doozies involved! Boom Episode 9! Trying to put forward my boom beach best attack!

Attacking operations with no to all statues boosted! Boom Beach Task Force gameplay is incredibly fun and satisfying. In this video we’ll attack boom beach operation bases and attempt to pull off a few solos!

β–Ί Using two different accounts this time…

Attacking a variety of operations from low level to full boost fun! Time to cash in and claim those boom beach operations rewards! Boom beach task force names can be found further down the description. Reminder we have crazy fast (55% speed boost) Boom Beach Zookas due to the Boom Beach Tribes.

β–Ί Almost two sweet solos on bases that are rarely taken down in 1. Almost.

Operations are still the best part of Boom Beach 2020.

β–Ί No new maps in forever (since Duplexity) so doing bases some of you are very familiar with…

Let me know which attack you like best, which one you would have done differently and the attack you thought was the WORST of the bunch. If you have any map requests I’d love to hear them as well.

Maps attacked in boom web series chapter 9:

– Cooker (Boom Beach Cooker Core Hit)
– Quay (Boom Beach Quay Solo Attempt)
– Mercury (Boom Beach Mercury Solo)
– High Five (Boom Beach High Five)
– Rogue (Boom Beach Rogue Solo Attempt)
– Strategize (Boom Beach Strategize Solo Attempt)

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πŸŒ‹ Triangle Nine πŸ‘‡ 25 man (MA)

πŸ’’ Deca Nine πŸ‘‡ 10 man (DE)

😬 SevenEight Nine πŸ‘‡ 10 man (FT)

🍼 Baby NineπŸ‘‡25 man (CC-DC)

πŸ’« Delta Nine πŸ‘‡ 25 man (CP/CC)

πŸŽ‡ Junior Nine πŸ‘‡ 25 man(FT/SH)

🌟 Infant Nine πŸ‘‡25 man(Sour grapes)

⭐️ Novice Nine πŸ‘‡ 25 man (Mambo)

✌ zmoT (anon moose)

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