Tangleroot Tower Let’s Play Tegwyn Saga | Fear the Conline 2019

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Four adventurers have been recruited to “retrieve” valuable Elven artifacts from an abandoned tower. Rumor says it’s haunted, but how bad can it be? Their employer doesn’t seem *that* shady…

The game is Tegwyn Saga, a fantasy tabletop roleplaying game! Do you fancy being a kindly Sun Giant empowered by plant magic? What about shapeshifting into a werespider and attacking with four swords? Playing a photosynthetic rhino-cobra-person who hurls explosive potions? Creating an enchanted hammer that splits the very earth before you?

Well, none of those were in this playtest adventure run at 2021’s Fear the Conline… but they are all possible in Tegwyn Saga, which supports a wide variety of character options and as many adventures as you can come up with as you and your friends play heroes in a world of swords and city-states, arrows and empires, monsters and magic. You might be a Human, an Elf, a Giant, a Troll, or something unique to this fantasy setting, like a Relakite or a Zorglixian. Through a combination of acting, thinking, and dice rolling, you can make friends, thwart enemies, explore forbidden places, converse with characters, cast spells, and slay monsters. Are you ready to play Tegwyn Saga?

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Download the character handouts the players were

The full game was released in December 2021, a few months after this playtest. One of the changes we made to it, based on feedback from playtesters, was a revision to the turn order rules. In this video, each side in a battle moves all of side A moves, starting with characters in aggressive stance and ending with the ones in defensive stance, then side B does the same. In the final rules, there’s more back and forth, and stances matter side A’s aggressive characters move, then side B’s, then side A’s neutral characters, then side B’s, then side A’s defensive characters, then finally side B’s.

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In today’s episode of Code Breakers we take a look at cheat codes for Pokemon Sun and Moon. It’s been a pretty long time since I’ve done one of these, but the series is finally back! This game as a bunch of interesting codes like catching trainers pokemon, running around a lot faster, walking through walls and more. Enjoy!

Codes Used –

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List of
0:24 – Removing Outlines
0:59 – Walk and Run 2x Faster / Walk Through Walls
2:04 – Catching Trainers Pokemon
3:45 – Access The PC From Anywhere
4:09 – All Pokemon Are Shiny
4:41 – Zoom Out The Camera
5:38 – Keeping Mega Evolution Form After Battle
6:41 – Walk Through Walls

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