Switch How To Set Up & Use Cheats With EdiZon

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The ending of this video was trimmed out because Nintendo blocked this video worldwide and gave me a false strike for including less than 20 seconds of Super Mario Maker 2 footage. Since this claim is completely false with no substance to it, they selected a larger portion of the video (47 seconds) and I had to either trim that entire segment out or keep the video blocked worldwide permanently. Appealing would get nowhere since YouTube’s copyright system is broken. Most of those 47 seconds were on my PC, and all of it was commentated over and 100% fair use. I apologize for the inconvenience. Nintendo is known to take advantage of YouTube’s broken copyright system on hacking related videos all the time, even if they are completely fair use. There’s nothing I can do about it.

In this video, I’ll show you how to set up cheats with EdiZon on your Switch. EdiZon is a save editor that also has the ability to modify the RAM of a game. Many people have made codes for this, and this video will show you how to download and set them all up. To do this, you’ll need Atmosphere installed on your Switch. There is a link below to the official guide that will teach you how to do that. EdiZon was designed to work directly with Atmosphere’s cheat system, so that’s why this is required over SX OS or a different CFW.

0:26 – Downloading EdiZon
1:11 – Downloading & setting up cheats
3:05 – Formatting your own cheat *.txt file
5:07 – Auto-enabling codes

How To Hack Switch W/ Atmosphere (official guide):
EdiZon (latest):
EdiZon cheat

As always, feel free to comment below if you have any problems or questions. GBAtemp is also a useful place to go for detailed questions.



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