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Are you bored with regular fidget spinner games?? We are presenting you an amazing blend of superhero games and avengers theme with fidget spinner games.

here is Another masterpiece for the lovers of superhero games.Superhero Fidget Spinner brings you a wide range of spinners including Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Hulk, Ironman, Captain America and Thor spinners.

Like genuine hand fidget spinner games, it evolves and gives the player more fun and even more excitement with the added Avengers theme and eye-feasting visuals.
you can try different superhero spinners that you want and can see the amazing unique visuals for each spinner.
upgrade spinners to boost our spinner coin production to unlock more superheroes spinners in your inventory.unlock spinners for more upgraded functionality.

Game Features :

– Realistic Superheros fidget spinner simulator with Avengers theme.
– Bunch of superhero spinners including avengers like SpiderMan, Superman, Batman, IronMan, Thor, Hulk, CaptainAmerica spinners.
– You Can Upgrade/unlock any spinner to boost our coin production.
– Glow, laser and neon graphics have shown even more details of the spinners
– Unique effects of every spinner make this SuperHero fidget spinner more eye feasting.
– compete on global leaderboards.

How To Play :

– swipe left/right or swipe circular on the screen to spin the fidget spinner
– Timer can spin the Fidget spinner within a particular time.
– Spin can spin the fidget spinner as much we can.
– You can unlock fidget spinners by getting coins through spinning.

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