How to Protect Your Bitcoin with Nick Neuman & Jameson Lopp

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In this interview, I talk to Nick Neuman and Jameson Lopp, Casa CEO and CTO. We discuss how to secure your Bitcoin, the types of attacks that you need to be aware of and Casa’s multisig solutions.

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“The definition of easy for an early Bitcoiner, cypherpunk is much different than the definition of easy for somebody who is just getting started with Bitcoin.”
— Nick Neuman

Wednesday 19th August

One of the earliest lessons for a new Bitcoiner is the security of your Bitcoin. If you lose your private keys or someone hacks you, it is almost certain you will never see that bitcoin again.

Protecting your private keys is one of the first concepts for anyone holding Bitcoin to master. It is the basic building block for becoming self-sovereign, separating your wealth from the legacy financial system.

There is no one way to secure your private keys, and bitcoin holders have a wealth of options available to them, but building a robust security solution which protects you against every possible scenario requires planning.

Casa is a company that specialises in security and offers multisig solutions that help robustly secure your bitcoin while retaining custody.

In this interview, I talk to Nick Neuman and Jameson Lopp, Casa CEO and CTO. We discuss how to secure your Bitcoin, the types of attacks that you need to be aware of and Casa’s multisig solutions.

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