How to Make Cheats for the Nintendo Switch Part 1

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This video starts out with a few basic concepts you need to know before creating codes, such as the difference between decimal and hexadecimal, the difference between unsigned and signed, data-types, and Nintendo Switch Address Types. It also goes over a general procedure of how to find addresses and how to properly turn them into codes by using code types. Finally, all of this knowledge is put to the test and we use it to create codes in the end. Below, you can find a basic timeline of the

0:00 : Assumptions Before Starting the Video, Video Sections
2:12 : Decimal vs Hexadecimal
6:00 : Unsinged vs Signed
6:47 : Data-Types
14:45 : Nintendo Switch Address Types
20:50 : How to Find Known-Value Addresses
24:15 : Pokemon Shield Watts Address Search
32:50 : Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Coin Address Search
45:21 : Code Type 0
52:12 Turning Previous Addresses Into Codes
1:08:02 : Testing the Pokemon Shield Watts Address Code
1:15:00 : Testing the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Coin Address Code
1:16:50 : Summarizing the Codes We Made
1:17:49 : Sections That Carry Over to Other Consoles

You can find the PowerPoint I made for this video

By uploading this video, I’ve not violated any copyright laws of any sort. I do not own the content in this video, as Game Freak and Nintendo deserve 100% credit. This is under the legal doctrine of Fair

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