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Thug Life is a fast, fun board game of gang warfare. Players take on the role of gangsters leading thugs into crimes and violent urban warfare. Using weapons, unsavory tactics and good ole fashion muscle you compete for respect in the mean streets of downtown USA


1. Ctrl + shift + i to open developer tools
2. Click on Device platform desktop’s link.
3. Click on Source code. ( {} )
4. Ctrl + f to Search
5. Search ( deepcopy )
6. Go to result number 11.
7. Mark it
8. Go to spin in the game it will pause the game
9. Go to scope
10. Click on ( This e )
11. Click on ( Currentstate )
12. Click on ( Events )
13. Click on ( E2020 )
14. Click on ( Progressive )
15. Click on ( Current process )
16. Change the number to 999999999.
17. Spin until you got attack or raid. Then woohoo
Do it again.


Enjoy !!!!!!!!

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Hello everyone and welcome to a different kindof Loadout video. This Prehardmode Loadout is supposed to help you to fight Eye of Cthulhu with reasonable gear and consumables and conquer it on every single difficuly before claiming his expert mode accessory and moving on! Hopefully this helps some of you with one of the many methods to take on Eye of Cthulhu in a reliable way, especially on harder difficulties. Let me know what you guys think!

00:00 Preparation talk, gear, boss, arena etc
6:04 Eye of Cthulhu Normal Difficulty
6:45 Expert Mode Gear/Consumables
7:09 Expert Mode Eye of Cthulhu
8:22 Master Mode Gear/Consumables
9:37 Master Mode Eye of Cthulhu
11:14 Summary talk

For Normal/Expert Mode
Fossil Helmet
Fossil Plate
Fossil Greaves
For Master Mode
Gold Helmet
Gold Chainmail
Gold Greaves

Bone Throwing Knives – Your phase 1 weapons of choice
Bone Javelin – Your phase 2 weapons of choice

Hermes Boots – Or a biome equivalent for more mobility required especially in Expert/Master Mode
Shackle – Some nice bonus defense and pretty easily obtained
Cloud in a Bottle – Optional but provides a bit of added mobility

Lesser Healing Potions
Potions of Swiftness
Potions of Ironskin

Music used
OCRemix track by Magellanic –
Original music from Final Fantasy X by Nobuo Uematsu –

Ultimate Prehardmode Loadout for Eye of Cthulhu, ALL DIFFICULTIES! – Terraria 1.4 Guide

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