Demo Mondays #61 Quantify Ninja AllinOne Tool for Amazon Sellers

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Quantify Ninja is an all-in-one tool that provides you with multiple features that every seller should have in order to succeed.

👉 By using the Quantify Ninja tool, you will be able to see your daily sales dashboard, profits manager, real-time notifications, orders data, RoI calculations, automated emails, keyword optimizer, and many more features to help you manage your data and increase sales. Most importantly, the tool is suitable for everyone, either you are just a beginner or an advanced-level seller, affordable, and covers all marketplaces!
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List of topics covered in the

00:35 Introduction
03:21 What marketplaces does Quantify Ninja cover?
04:15 Showing the sales dashboard
06:40 New feature – profit section
15:00 Alerts to track your competitors
19:25 Setting up automated invoices
21:37 Sending automated messages
30:02 Order and blacklists
32:30 Downloading orders data
35:20 Facebook bot manager
38:05 Creating coupon codes
41:10 Adding multiple accounts inside the app
43:12 Pricing options
46:04 New feature to be released and pilot testing sellers can join

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