Coin Master Hack & Cheats How to get FREE Coins and Spins on iOS and Android

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Hey Guys! In today’s video I will show you how to get free Coins and Spins in Coin Master. This hack is working on iOS and Android. Simply follow the guide!

How to take revenge on Coin Master?
Admit it since I told you that you could take revenge on another player, you wonder how to do it?Coin Master In fact, it’s very simple, when you win the way to attack another player’s village on Coin Master, click the “revenge” button. This word means “revenge” simply. The game will offer you to choose a player who has stolen or attacked you before, and you will only have to select your target to attack his village. That said, ignore the player with a “random” button because this word means “random” and therefore, the player displayed may have done nothing.

If you want revenge properly, I advise you to attack the most expensive elements of the village. Otherwise, if you have nothing against this player, aim for something that does not cost much (like a house). You will avoid being harassed in this way. And yes, we can attack players on Coin Master while remaining nice.

The mistakes you shouldn‘t do on Coin Master!
I will finish my article with good advice. When we play for the first time at Coin Master, we are tempted to think that it is enough to save the coins for buying the entire village at once and progress quicker. The idea is good, but actually not very effective. Because often other players will steal your coins even before having managed to gather enough to buy a whole village in a short time.

Spend your coins as quickly as possible, you will advance faster in the game.

In my experience, I have already ruined several players who sometimes had nearly 20 million coins, so do not make the same mistake. Spend your coins or use our Coin Master Hack.

Building villages in Coin Master
You will understand, the interest of winning coins in the Coin Master game is to be able to buy items for your village, and improve them. For that, as soon as you have coins to spend, go to the “Village shop” and buy what you want.

Play at least twice a day or more times if you do not win shields. Indeed, an unprotected village is a vulnerable village that will cost you more coins.

That said, to go to the next village, you will have to buy everything. If an item has a “Fix” button, it means that your village has been attacked. I advise you to repair quickly because you will suffer more attacks, and it will take more time to finalize.

How to get free spins and coins on Coin Master?
Sometimes, you just need a few hundred coins to improve an element of your village. At this point a dilemma either you keep your corners at risk of a “raid”, or you find a way to get spins or extra corners.

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