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Coin Master is one of the most popular Moon Active games thanks to its gameplay. In this title, the players have the main objective of getting coins to be able to improve their village little by little. In this way, when you get more experienced, the rewards are even bigger.

Advancing in these types of games takes a long time, especially since everything depends on the 5 spins they give you per hour.

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By creating your own custom Viking, Pirate, Hippie, or King avatar, you can invite friends to join this game as well, competing against them, looting their villages, and proving that you will conquer the title of Master.

This is one of the engaging games that have an unmatched graphical interface, it is very pleasing and attractive to the user.

Sometimes getting coins, shields, and conquering empires are usually a little difficult to achieve. So, if you want to be the best in this game, you must have the most powerful village, more life, and gold. And if you are running out of your resources, you can easily generate unlimited using our site which shows you How to Hack Coin Master easily.

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Coin Master Tips and Cheats 2020 – Free Coins And Spins
Things you should know about Coin Master Slot
Hammer is the most common object you will get when you spin the wheel. It will give you the power to attack other player village and get some coins. You can choose between 5 villages to attack.
It acts as protection for your village from external attack. If you get Shield, it will protect your village from outside raid only one time. So, you need to have more shield to defend your village coins. Shields are one-time use only and consumed at one attack from the enemy.
Pig Pigface is tough to get in the game. Consider yourself lucky if you find one, it will give you the power to attack other people village and dig for some extra coins. You can also choose different spot to attack when you have Pig Face.
Cheats to get Extra Spin in Coin Master
You will get an extra spin in coins master if you follow these simple steps.

Log out of your Coin Master account
Set your time one day forward in mobile device
Open Coin Master game and get Coin Master free spins again
Just follow this step after you consume your free spin of the day.
after getting a free spin, log out and change back your time.
Connect to Facebook for 50 Extra
If you want some free extra #spins, you can connect your game account to Facebook. If you don’t have a Facebook account, then it is time to make one.

The benefit you will get when you connect game account with Facebook
You will get 50 extra free spins when you connect game account with Facebook.
First time Bonus when you connect with Facebook is 100k Coins.
You can save your progress when you connect with Facebook
Start playing with your friends on Facebook.
Check your friend’s progress when you connect them with Facebook
Chat with friends about the game
Send you progress and screenshot on your Facebook account.
The game has a simple storyline, spin, and play
All ages love the game due to its cool characters
Addictive game with awesome music to complement it
Beautiful Graphics
Cute characters and very smoothing art use in the game
Connect to social media platform to get 50 extra spins
Spin and upgrade your village
Get hammer which will give you the power to attack other’s people village
Get Shields to protect your village from the outside attack.
Try to Pig Face which will give you a big bonus and attack power.
#GameCoins are expensive
To upgrade your village, you need many days and hours
You need to buy coins to move ahead of your competition.
Some player complaint that game is closing when they attack
some player complaint that game coins are not showing after purchase
( You can always contact their customer support for any problem you are facing during the game.)

Coin master is the game which is loved by all age groups. If you love playing spin games, you will love this game. We recommend you to go through the article for all the tips and cheats to get ahead of your competitors. If you find this article is interesting, share it with your friends.

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