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In this video you will see – How to get free spins in coin master without ads and 100% free.

You need to follow following steps for getting free spins and you need to watch till end because I will share a important trick for getting free spins in coin master without ads

Open and copy mail address which is showing in web page and do not close browser tab.

Open and create new account using email address (You copied that mail address in previous step).

You need to save account email address and password for further use.

After creating facebook account facebook will ask for confirmation code. Now you need to open other browser tab in which you opened or

You will receive a mail with facebook confirmation code in inbox. Copy this code and paste it in facebook and click on continue.

Now you have successfully created facebook account.

Now send friend request to your original facebook account.(That you are using for playing coin master).

Now open your original facebook account and accept friend request.

Now open coin master app using your original facebook account. and invite your new account which is you created now(John A).

Save Coin master apk in your Internal storage or External storage. Because you will need this in next steps.

You can use another app for taking apk backup. I am using Clean master for this.

Uninstall Coin master if installed.

Now install Coin master app from backup apk (That you saved in previous step).

Open it and you will see two button one for Play and another for Facebook connect.

Click on Facebook Connect button.

Now you need to login with new account (john A)

After coin master starts close it from recent apps.

Now open it again and close again.

Now Uninstall Coin master and install it again and open it.

And this time log in coin master with your original facebook account. Now you will receive 40 spins as invite accepted bonus.

If you want more free spins then you need to create multiple facebook accounts and invite them all in coin master and after inviting install coin master apk for all accounts that you have created.

Here > Coin Master Hack Tool