BNS Battle Kit x300 RNG Testing This Kit is OP Worth it

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So i wanted to make this video for anyone who’s curious about the rng for this kit, and i just wanted to clarify this kit is definitely worth every penny.

For anyone wondering, you need around 13,000g (1300 kits) to get the full pvp set (all 8 pieces) (you get a lot of duplicates too, for better stats)

you might think that’s a lot of money but mathematically speaking it is x10 cheaper than buying these soul shields off the merchant.

here’s some math for

last piece alone costs 60 fragments and 10,000 bp.

the last piece alone (if you would buy it from the marchent) it would cost over 4.5k gold.

60 fragments x 1500 (price each) = 90,000 bp + 10,000 bp fee = 100,000 bp

100,000 bp / 1800 (gold box) = 55.6 boxes

55.6 boxes x 15 (each box gives 15 moonstones) = 834 moonstones

834 moonstones x 5.5g each = 4587g~

okay sorry to confuse you with all these numbers, but my point is, if you wanna buy these soul shields off the merchant they would cost a lot more than buy them from the rng box, also you don’t get free psyches and dragon fang fragments/orbs.. you also get free bloodstones as a bonus.

gameplay caprice

Thanks for watching.

if you are wondering how my ping dropped from 185 to 150:

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