Apex Legends Beginners Guide For Season 8 + Nintendo Switch Release

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Covering all information, you need for Apex Legends Season 8 and when it Releases on Nintendo Switch on March 9th! We are going cover how to get Heirlooms, Cosmetics, the Battle pass, Legend Abilities, how to use the map, the club function, adding friends via cross play. If you can think about it, I will have it in this video! The Nintendo Switch release will see a ton of new players adding via the port and in celebration of that what better way to do so then to give the players all the knowledge they need to get ahead and give them the tools to win the battle royal and make their way up rank to get the Dive Trails! Below are additional videos which go into specifics of weapons and legend abilities and a ranked guide!

Apex Legends Apex Predator Settings

Apex Legends Weapon

Apex Legends Legend

Apex Legends Rank

Open Lobbies Monday-Sunday I’ll play with any console or pc and any skill level so feel free to jump in and join me for some games!



0:00 – Intro

1:07 – Main Menu, Legends, Store, Heirloom, Cosmetics, Club

6:11 – Legend Abilties, Weapon Types, Bullet Drop, Armor, Attachments

13:23 – Find Friends, Crossplay, Different Game Modes

14:36 – Legend Select, Jump Master, Beacons, Map Layout, Replicator

18:11 – Respawn Teammates

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