Angular Online Event #1

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Manfred Steyer – Sustainable Angular-Architectures with Strategic Design and Nx

In this session, we explore a case study on how to use proven domain-driven design principles to make the architecture of your Angular project maintainable in the long term. You also learn how to combine these ideas with best practices from the Angular community.
First, we define a strategic design for our case study, which we then implement with an Nx monorepo that reflects our sub-domains. Then you learn how the use of libraries, APIs, facades, and access restrictions between libraries can ensure loose coupling and thus better maintainability.
We also talk about automating repeating tasks needed for such an architecture.
In the end, you have a case study that you can use as a template for your projects.

Nir Kaufman – Build your own portal with Angular Embedded views

In this talk, we will dive into a practical usage fo Angular embedded views by building a dynamic rendering system from scratch.
You will learn how to create and manipulate templates with dedicated services and directives.

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