#172 Hidden ESP32 and ESP8266 pointtopoint ESPNow Fast and efficient. Comparison with LoRa

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Today we will discover a hidden feature to connect two or more ESP32s or ESP8266s directly to each ESP-now. It is much faster and more energy efficient. And we will compare it to LoRa (RFM95 and Arduino Pro Mini.

Espressif gave us this possibility and, because it is so fast, they called it ESPnow. And it also works in the Arduino IDE.
In this video, we will
– Try to understand the difference between the standard ESP mode and ESPnow
– Build a working ESPnow connection for two ESP8266
– Check-out the transmission speed and
– Compare this speed with the speed if we connect the ESP to the internet
– Compare the Energy hunger of both modes
– And finally, compare the ESPs with another LoRa

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